Why Malwarebytes scans so fast on Mac device

Customers often ask if Malwarebytes on Mac even scanned their computer, because it’s over so quickly – less than a few seconds in some cases.

Malwarebytes for Mac is not broken, though; it’s really just that fast! The reason is that Malwarebytes is performing whats called a “quick scan.” Rather than scanning the entire hard drive for files that are known to only be installed in specific locations, it simply looks for those things in those specific locations.

For example, when looking for a specific Safari extension, it doesn’t make sense to look for it in the Applications folder, or the System folder, or any of the various hidden Unix folders containing hundreds of thousands of files. We only look for such a file where it makes sense to look: in Safari’s Extensions folder. In this way, we not only keep Malwarebytes for Mac clean, lean and fast, but we also limit the possibilities for false positives.

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