Steve K – Middletown: “John from Precision PC Repair returned my call very promptly and was able to resurrect my computer after a bad hard disk crash.  He also helped me reinstall my applications so that I was up and running in a few days. Without his help, my work would have been set back  months. I can’t say how much I appreciated his help.  John is a personable and knowledgeable individual : truly a community resource!”

Paul W and Michele S – Middletown: “John’s expertise, detective-like approach, reliability and sense of urgency are unmatched. My husband and I recently had the pleasure of working with him to solve several mysterious computer problems, including sorting out and fixing distracting error messages and restoring an email account plus several issues of greater complexity that I can’t fully explain.

First, he immediately came to see us and spent more than an hour just getting a handle on our issues. Then, he went to work immediately. We were both impressed and so grateful. He aims to please his customers and stayed in touch with us on a daily basis to ensure fixes were working and our computers’ performance was meeting our expectations.

We highly recommend John. He is responsive, endlessly patient (with us and the process) and fair with his pricing. The best recommendation we can give him is that we plan to continue to work with him when we have future computer issues. Thank you, John.”

Sarah M – Newport: “I have used John for repair help twice. He is very responsive and communicative. He gave me ideas to try and fix the issue myself and then took care of it when that did not help. He picked up and dropped up my computer. I was only without it for an evening. His service is exceptional and his prices are totally reasonable. I highly recommend Precision PC Repair.”

Bill D. – Middletown: “John from Precision PC Repair was incredible.  I had an older Mac Mini which I was just about to junk because the hard drive no longer booted up.  Coincidentally I had just swapped out the RAM sticks for 16GB of RAM, which did not work. 

Despite having numerous ongoing jobs already, John was very agreeable to arrange a meeting and diagnose my Mac Mini.  He recommended replacing the hard drive so I purchased a new, 1TB hard drive but was skeptical as to how all my files would transfer over.  He had “cloning” software which would replicate data from my old hard drive onto the new one. 

The process turned out to be quite challenging with passwords and such but, undaunted, John persisted and got the new hard drive installed, up and running with all files and settings intact!  He relentlessly pursued the issue until it was resolved. His perseverance really paid off.  I was then able to upgrade the RAM so I now have a refurbished Mac Mini which actually runs faster and quieter than when I first bought it. 

John was extremely friendly, courteous and professional….and most of all, very knowledgeable.  I would highly recommend him to anyone with a laptop or desktop issue.”

Michael Osean, Videographer and Photographer Newport, R.I.: “Just as every boxer has a good cut man in his corner during a fight, those of us who rely on maximum performance from our computers needs John in their corner.  Last week my work station computer went through a Windows 10 update installation in the evening and I woke up to a completely crashed computer with a damaged operating system.  As a videographer with a busy shooting/editing schedule, time is always of the essence.  I frantically searched for someone local who could quickly troubleshoot and resolve the issue and found John.

Windows 10 update crashes have been known to wipe out all data but John was able to preserve all of my personal data that he initially thought was lost.  He diagnosed a slow/no boot malfunction, troubleshot the operating functionality and was able to retrieve the Windows key.  After consulting with me, he formatted and reinstalled the operating system while updating and configuring the fresh installation. 

In a quick turn around, John delivered to me a fresh operating system and guided me through potential follow-up problems.  He also educated me on a more productive backup procedure and security measures to follow.

When faced with my problem, I quickly shopped around for the right person.  John is an expert in his field and as the name of his company implies, he is all about precision repair.   In addition, for his great service he charges a very fair price.  I would have paid much more had I opted to bring my computer to big box stores or elsewhere.

If you are dealing with any kind of hardware/software issues, do not hesitate to contact John.  You won’t regret it!!   I know I will keep him in my corner.”

Nathan S – Middletown: “I have turned to John at Precision PC Repair for many years to handle all of my computer service, maintenance, repair and upgrade needs. The man is a genius when it comes to all things computer related (accessories included)! He knows them inside and out, literally.

I’ve never met someone who can take apart a 15-year-old external hard drive that wasn’t even functional when given to me in 2006, solder the broken elements back together, convert 20,000 .wma files to .mp3 format and import them into my iTunes library! Now that is what we call highly technical and precise work.

John is very humble and only markets himself as a PC repairman. However, he is highly capable with Macs. He got my 2009 Mac mini (which was stored in the back of my closet for eight years after having broke down) up and running in a matter of hours and also doubled the memory of my hard drive for an insanely cheap price! Throw in a 27″ HD Cinema Display Monitor from Best Buy for $129, a 50 W Logitech speaker set with 8″ subwoofer for $49, and I’m streaming iTunes with some serious bass and syncing iCloud from all my devices all thanks to John in bringing this tiny broken box back from the dead plus making it compatible with modern day technology, software updates, and iCloud! He did the same thing with my beat up, broken down 2011 MacBook Pro.

The list goes on and on. John is just so incredibly skilled and gifted at his craft that it always blows me away with what he is able to do. His prices are unparalleled, so I can’t help but pay him more for his services just as a gesture of goodwill. And to top it off, he is a great guy! Extremely personable and down to earth, friendly and easy to work with, very accommodating with scheduling, and lightning fast turnaround times. You simply cannot go wrong with Precision PC Repair!”

Nadine H – Newport: “John Abong was a treasure for me to find, right here in Newport. He is very professional, knowledgeable, impressively meticulous and reliable. His prices were reasonable and he was charming to deal with. I don’t know what I would have done without him, and it was a great stroke of luck that a friend of mine enthusiastically recommended him to me. I couldn’t have been happier. Thanks, John!”

Naomi I Newport: “I have been using Precision PC Repair for over 10 years and have never been disappointed. John has brought my blank, black screens back to life, on multiple laptops and towers, many times- with all files and information intact. He goes above and beyond to retrieve lost info, my latest debacle being my android which just shut down one day with none of the pictures backed up. Because of his extensive knowledge, John was able to revive it and retrieve all my photos which he gave me on a memory stick. Convenient, affordable and reliable.”

Sherry, Office Manager – Kenneth Pacheco General Carpentry Inc.:

“Have a computer problem? CALL JOHN FIRST! I run a small office for a construction company so needless to say our computers are what keeps things running on a daily basis. I have called DELL in the past for support. People, don’t waste your time.

John understands how important it is to get you back up and running. He goes out of his way and sometimes I wonder if he ever sleeps! Not only is he highly knowledgeable and fixes your issue, but he makes sure your computer is running to the best of its ability before returning it to you.

He has even rescued my sons laptop on several occasions. He is the only person I will ever have work on our computers both home and office. “

Kevin O. Hagan, Esq. – Kevin o. Hagan, Attorney at Law, 105 Memorial Blvd. West, Newport, RI:

“We have owned our law practice for six years, and John is by far the best computer technician we have found thus far, we just wish we had found him sooner. He has gone above and beyond the call of duty to help us and we are grateful for his high level of knowledge and expertise.

John has always responded very quickly and professionally to our calls, and is armed with a solution. Kevin Hagan Law would give John our highest recommendation.”

Autumn S – Raytheon: “After I built my first gaming PC, I ran into issues I couldn’t troubleshoot alone. Calling John for help was the best decision I could have made.

He picked the tower up at my home, dismantled and diagnosed several problems I hadn’t even considered, kept me apprised throughout the process with texts and photos, and delivered it to my door when it was finished, all within a couple of days!

John explained all the repairs very clearly and understandably, and as a final bonus, he troubleshot a video display problem when it wouldn’t work at my house, making sure that everything was perfect before he left. He even installed and optimized my operating system as an included service!

I couldn’t be happier to have found such fast, reliable, and quality computer service. Whether it’s my first computer or my fiftieth, I’ll always take it to John!”

Cathy Wicks, Broker Associate, ABR,SRES,CHMS,CLHMS,GREEN,SFR,MRP, 2014 Board of Directors NCBR – Hogan Associates 129 Bellevue Ave Newport, RI:

“What can I say about John? Really , the question is “What Can’t I say about John”!!!! I have been in Real Estate since 1999 and John has been my Go To guy for the last 8 years….

Wow, how many computers have you worked on with me John? John is there with in minutes of my SOS….and offers a quick solution or a drop-off-time for me to give him my laptop….

and 95% of the time, he returns it to me within 12 hours! John always takes the time to explain to me what he has done and how to easily do things more efficiently.

I can’t be a Top Notch Realtor if I don’t have strong professionals helping me on my team…and John is one of my very important team mates.”




Sabina Silvia – Ponies To Go: “Hi John, I just wanted to thank you for the terrific work you did on our computer.

It was slow, bogged down and just couldn’t complete any task without a multitude of issues. Since its return, it has been a pleasure to work on!

It is fast, no pop ups, and most importantly- no issues! We were so used to our desktop being a headache, we had forgotten how much fun it should be to “explore the web”!

Many thanks for the prompt, thorough and reasonably priced service- I would recommend your services without a doubt!”

Meris Y.: “I’ve had John as my tech as long as I’ve had computers. He has brought my digital experience to a whole new level on various devices and I consider him a mentor.

He advises me by email, as well, and is always prompt and cheerfully supportive in his replies. I’d literally be lost without John Abong!”

Sherry Brice – Cosmetic Cosmos: “John has been repairing the computers at both my home and retail store for many years. He is incredibly knowledgeable, fast and trustworthy.

There were many times when I thought our computers were gone, and John has always managed to bring them back from the dead and return them running like they are brand new.

Our kids have managed to get multiple, scary computer viruses through the years that John has always been able to rid them of.

I would highly recommend John to anyone that is in need of a terrific computer repairman. He is also great at providing guidance when buying new equipment and software.”

Dotti G. –: “It is extremely difficult to write a brief recommendation for John because he has so many, many tremendous qualities.

He is extremely knowledgeable and an expert when dealing with computer problems. No problem is to big or too small.

He asks the right questions, drills down, carefully listens to the client and begins to solve the problem. I call him my computer guru.

I feel I can call him anytime. He is always gracious, eager to assist and he never lets his clients wait too long for him to come and help with a computer problem.

John is the epitome of excellence in customer service. Please never hesitate to call for his services, because he will be there for you.

He also provides much computer information while providing service. The customer always learns a lot.”




Jane and Louis E. – Escobar’s Highland Farm: “John is an expert in computer repair, who has so much personal integrity I would recommend him to anyone having computer issues. He arrived when he said he would, did what he said he would and checked back to make sure things had worked out right.”

Rosemary D. – DeBlois Gallery: “John Abong has been helping me learn my computer as well as advising me on products & safety. He is always available when I need him, by phone or email. He also helps my legally blind husband w/his computer. Couldn’t do w/out him.”

David R. – Marketing & Events: “John has been able to fix all of our computer issues. He is fast and efficient and prices are very fair and reasonable.”

Andrea H. – Freelance Photographer: “I couldn’t do without John! He’s the best IT guy I’ve found. He addresses my computer issues in a timely manner, he’s affordable and he knows what he is doing.

He’s very easy going and he always gives a very thorough evaluation of what is needed and ways to cut costs. I highly recommend him.”

Bob M. – Newport Biodiesel, LLC: “John is always ready to respond to our needs and he works to get the computer back on line as soon as possible. He has always found solutions to our computer problems.”

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