A federal investigation found that a children’s hospital in Columbus, Ohio, failed to protect employees from workplace violence and serious injuries. 

At no time in history have organizations spent as much money as they are right now on cybersecurity to prevent bad things from happening.

Online sporting goods retailer Sports Warehouse must pay the state of New York 300,000 in penalties for a data breach affecting 2.5 million consumers.

Nine Dollar Tree locations in four states have received workplace safety violations from OSHA. Hazards include blocked exits and chemical exposure.

A federal court sided with the Federal Trade Commission, ruling that James D. Noland, Jr. illegally owned and operated two pyramid schemes—Success By Health (SBH) and VOZ Travel—in violation of the Read more…

A survey found that, while media and entertainment organizations are still relatively new to cloud storage, public cloud storage use is on the rise. 

With talk of a possible global recession this year, security professionals need to start anticipating the potential impacts to securing their organizations.

The City of London Police is expanding its security measures with Motorola Solutions personal body cameras for the entire police force.

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy is releasing a National AI R&D Strategic Plan. The plan is meant to manage potential AI risks.

An unauthorized user accessed online prescription company PillPack’s customer email addresses and passwords to log into their online accounts.

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