Purchase Malwarebytes Premium subscription for iOS devices

Malwarebytes Premium for your iOS device is sold exclusively from the Apple App Store as an In-App Purchase.  To buy Malwarebytes Premium, you must have the Malwarebytes app installed on your iOS device so you can purchase through the Malwarebytes app.


Purchase Malwarebytes Premium on iOS

  1. Open Malwarebytes.
  2. On the Dashboard, tap Upgrade to Premium.
    Your first 30 days of Premium are free.
    Free dashboard
  3. Choose either a yearly or monthly subscription plan.
    Upgrade screen
  4. Enter your Apple ID password to complete your purchase, then tap Continue.
    If required, verify your PIN, Touch ID, or Face ID.


After you’ve purchased Malwarebytes Premium, your subscription is registered to your Apple ID. To request help with in-app purchases, refer to Apple’s article About in-app purchases or see how to Manage your iOS Premium subscription.


If you already have a license key

Malwarebytes Premum on iOS is not available from the Malwarebytes store and cannot be activated using a Premium license key. If you have purchased a subscription from the Malwarebytes store with the intent of using it on your iOS device, see how to request billing support for a refund.


Additional information

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