Malware not detected by Malwarebytes

If you suspect that Malwarebytes has not detected or blocked malware and you have already  Checked the Real-Time Protection status and Verified Web Protection is working, you could have a hacked or infected router. A router is responsible for connecting your devices to the internet. It’s important to secure and update your router to help protect the devices on your network.


Here are a few common signs your router is infected or hacked:

  • Advertisements constantly appear when your browser is open.
  • Your browser takes you to unfamiliar websites without your permission.
  • You have multiple devices experiencing problems the problems noted above, including tablets and smartphones.


Troubleshoot an infected or hacked router

To troubleshoot an infected or hacked router and restore your security, use the suggestions provided below.


Install the latest firmware updates

To update your router’s firmware, visit your the manufacturer’s website or refer to your owner’s manual.  If the firmware on your router is outdated, this can make your network’s devices more susceptible to malware.  Updating your firmware helps increase the security of your network and its devices.


Note: Older routers and modems may not have firmware updates available.  If your manufacturer does not support your router or modem, it’s possible there are no updates available.  Contact your manufacturer to see if the device is supported.


Contact your Internet Service Provider

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may be able to recommend solutions for you or help you troubleshoot your router.  You may need to contact your ISP for assistance; especially if you are renting your router.


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