FTC Announces Claims Process for Consumers Who Purchased DreamCloud Mattresses

The Federal Trade Commission has announced a claims process by which consumers who purchased a DreamCloud mattress and were influenced by the company’s claims that the product was made with U.S. materials can apply for a refund.

dreamcloud Refund GraphicThe FTC sued the company responsible for DreamCloud mattresses in 2021. DreamCloud mattresses were advertised as “proudly made with 100% USA-made premium quality materials.” However, according to the FTC, all DreamCloud mattresses contain significant imported materials, and many are wholly imported. The company agreed to settle the FTC’s charges and paid money to provide refunds to affected consumers.

The FTC is sending claim notices by email and mail to consumers who purchased a DreamCloud mattress during the time period that the company was making these claims. These messages include a claim number that the consumers can use to file a claim online at ftc.gov/DreamCloud. Consumers can apply for a refund if their decision to purchase a DreamCloud mattress was influenced by the company’s untrue claims about the origin of the mattresses. Consumers who have questions about the claims process should contact the refund administrator, JND Legal, at 1-844-798-0740.

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