Cybersecurity Tech Accord celebrates International Women’s Day in partnership with Women4Cyber Mentorship Programme

International Women’s Day provides an opportunity to highlight the importance of gender diversity and the need for more women in cybersecurity professions, and for us to consider how we can foster greater inclusion. It is also an occasion for industry to reflect on how valuable diversity is for cybersecurity, given workforce shortages in the field and the critical perspectives underrepresented groups bring to discussions around security. With this in mind, we are proud today to announce a new partnership with Women4Cyber, a like-minded organization promoting women in cybersecurity careers. In the coming weeks, representatives from our signatory companies will join in a webinar discussion and then serve as expert mentors in the flagship Women4Cyber Mentorship Programme.

While the cybersecurity workforce broadly shows encouraging signs of becoming more inclusive, in 2023 women still represented only 26% of the global cybersecurity workforce. As half of the world’s population, women’s voices are essential as we all work to protect and secure people everywhere who use digital technology.

Clearly, we are not moving fast enough to close this gender gap, and the tech industry can and should play an active role in accelerating greater inclusion. This includes supporting talent pipelines that focus on underrepresented groups to produce professionals with the right mix of technical and non-technical skills to participate in an increasingly dynamic field. The next generation of cybersecurity professionals need to not only be well acquainted with technical skills and concepts around ICT security, but also with the policy and legal environment to ensure regulatory measures and international expectations align with and empower responsible security practices.

For three consecutive years, the Cybersecurity Tech Accord and its signatories have championed a vital cause: advancing the inclusion of women in the cybersecurity workforce. This year, working together with Women4Cyber, we look forward to connecting directly with women and girls who are exploring cybersecurity careers. The Women4Cyber Mentorship Programme aims to empower women with the skills and understandings needed to succeed in a cybersecurity profession, while connecting the industry with a pool of talented women looking to break into or advance their careers.

To kick-off this effort, Cybersecurity Tech Accord and Women4Cyber will co-host an interactive career webinar on March 27 (17:30-18:30 CET) titled “Tech Accord x Women4Cyber Mentorship Programme: Bridging the cybersecurity gender gap”. Participants will hear directly from women leaders in cybersecurity and programme mentors about their experiences finding their way in the workforce, and receive guidance on how to choose the right paths for themselves. They will also have the chance to hear from Women4Cyber about their annual Mentorship Programme and learn about how to become a mentee. As we take steps toward a more equitable future, we extend an open invitation to all women who share our passion for cybersecurity.

Our confirmed speakers:

Saskia Brugman – Strategic Partnerships and Activities Coordinator, Women4Cyber Foundation

Dana Simberkoff  – Chief Risk, Privacy and Information Security Officer, AvePoint

Domiziana Foti – Senior Cybersecurity Consultant, BIP and former mentee in the Women4Cyber Programme

Charlotte Eynon – Cybersecurity Consultant, Infosys Consulting

Kaja Ciglic – Senior Director for Digital Diplomacy, Microsoft

Robyn Magalhaes – Cyber Program Advisor, CISO Program Office at Dell

Word from our mentors:

“I couldn’t be more thrilled about this partnership. Cybersecurity needs women. Understanding security risks and how best to protect users of all backgrounds requires a diversity of perspectives. When women contribute their unique insights, we enhance our ability to safeguard digital spaces effectively. Let’s continue breaking down barriers and ensuring a safer online world for everyone.”Kaja Ciglic, Senior Director for Digital Diplomacy, Microsoft

“I am excited to kick off this partnership to mentor more women in cybersecurity. Being a mentor is one of the most fulfilling parts of my life and continues to be critical to my development in the industry. Though the playing field may not always be fair or equal, I believe that we all have an opportunity to rise. For women especially, it is important to prove your worth every day, and make sure you are not only an asset in your mind but in the minds of those around you.”Dana Simberkoff, Chief Risk, Privacy and Information Security Officer, AvePoint

Let’s create a ripple effect. As we empower women in cybersecurity, we strengthen the entire industry. Together, we’ll build a future where talent knows no gender boundaries. Join us—because your voice matters, your expertise is invaluable, and your journey inspires others. Follow this link to register.

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