Create your My Account profile

If you purchased a subscription from the Malwarebytes store, we recommend you create your My Account profile so you can view and manage licenses registered to your email address.  To create your My Account profile, find the invitation emailed to you or create an account manually.  To locate your My Account invitation, search your email’s inbox or spam/junk folder for an email with the subject Setup your Malwarebytes Account.




  1. Open the My Account invitation email, then click SET UP ACCOUNT.

    If you do not have an invitation, go to the My Account website, then click Sign up.

  2. When your browser opens, enter your full name and email address.  If your full name and email address are already entered, continue to step 3.

  3.  Enter your password, then re-enter the same password again.

  4. Click the box next to I’m not a robot.



Once setup is complete, you are logged into My Account, where you can:

  • manage your subscriptions
  • view your order history
  • retrieve your license keys
  • deactivate your licenses
  • download the latest Malwarebytes software
  • update your billing information


Your My Account profile only shows purchases registered to your login email.  You must set up a new My Account login for each email address you have registered with Malwarebytes.


Additional information

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