Change the license key in Malwarebytes on Windows devices

If you have previously activated Malwarebytes Premium and have received a new license key, you can change to your new license key to continue protecting your device without deactivating the old key. This article guides you through changing your license key in Malwarebytes on Windows devices.


Change your license key

  1. Open Malwarebytes for Windows.
  2.  Click Settings, then Account Details.
    Image of Settings and Account Details menus in Malwarebytes Premium.
  3. Click Change License Key.
    Image of Change License Key button in Malwarebytes for Windows Premium.
  4. Enter your license key in the Activate Your License window.
    Image of Activate Your License window in Malwarebytes for Windows.

    Or, if your license came with a License ID:

    • Check the box next to the My license came with a License ID.
      Image of Activate License Key window in Malwarebytes for Windows.
    • Enter your License ID and License key.
  5. Click Activate License.


Your Malwarebytes Premium subscription is now activated with the new license key without any interruption to protection features.


Additional information

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