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New data from the Federal Trade Commission shows that Best Buy/Geek Squad, Amazon, and PayPal are the companies people report scammers impersonate most often. A newly released data spotlight shows Read more…

A study has found that increased technological and organizational complexity is contributing to new identity risks that security leaders must manage. 

Critical infrastructure must not only guard against intrusions from organized groups but also unintentional vulnerabilities introduced by employees.

All recruitment screening agencies are not equal, so look before you leap. 

According to a recent cybersecurity incident report, nearly 90% of organizations suffer damage before containing and investigating incidents.

There has been an increase in malicious emails, including a rise in BEC, phishing and other message-based attacks driven by generative AI.

According to a recent healthcare cybersecurity report, more than 25% of ransomware attacks directly impact patient care, including lost data.

What might have once seemed like an unavoidable security debt is now leaving vulnerabilities open to exploitation and manipulation.

Generative AI bots can be manipulated by users of any skill level — not just cyber experts.

The Federal Trade Commission has finalized an order against Blackbaud Inc. settling allegations that its lax security practices allowed a hacker to breach the company’s network and access the personal Read more…

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