Can Malwarebytes resolve issues with my browser or Internet connectivity?

Malwarebytes does not fix issues you may be experiencing with your web browser or Internet connectivity.  If you’re experiencing issues with your browser or Internet connection, you may need to restore your browser or Internet connection manually.  To help resolve browser or Internet connection issues, see the suggestions below.


Restore browser preferences

Browser is slow or unresponsive

A browser is responsible for running many utilities, including extensions, add-ons, notifications, and multiple tabs.  When a browser runs utilities, this can cause the browser to become slow or unresponsive.


To troubleshoot issues with your browser, see the following articles:


Browser settings changed

If you see an unfamiliar website, search box, or advertisement when you open your browser, it’s possible your browser preferences were changed.  Malware, adware, extensions, and other downloaded content can change the homepage, search engine, and other preferences you have set in your browser.


To restore your browser preferences, refer to the following articles:


Receiving unwanted advertisements

If pop-up advertisements are appearing in your browser, consider blocking advertisements directly from your browser.


To help prevent unwanted pop-ups, refer to the articles:


Browser notifications

You can allow certain websites to send notifications to your computer.  These notifications may resemble advertisements and appear in the upper-right corner of your screen, even if your browser is closed.  If you are seeing advertisements, it’s possible notifications were enabled for a specific website.


If you want to stop seeing notifications from a specific website, refer to:


Problems on a specific website

If you’re unable to connect to a specific website, there’s a chance the issue exists on the website itself and not on your computer.  You may want to avoid using the website or report the issue.


To troubleshoot issues using a specific website, refer to the articles:


Troubleshoot Internet connectivity

Test Internet issues

An infection can cause you to lose your Internet connection.  If you are unable to connect to the Internet, you may need to restore your Internet connection manually.


To troubleshoot your Internet connection, refer to the articles below:


Internet connection is unsafe

A DNS server is responsible for translating a website address into an IP address.  Hackers can compromise DNS, causing the server to take you to an unsafe website.  If your browser’s Internet connection is unsafe or you are being directed to unfamiliar websites, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for further assistance.


Same issue on multiple devices

Malware can cause multiple devices on your network to experience the same issue, such as:

  • pop-up advertisements
  • unsecure websites or warnings that your connection is not private
  • lost Internet connection


If you have more than one device showing the symptoms above, it’s possible your network hardware is compromised.  To troubleshoot issues with your network hardware, refer to the article  Malwarebytes has not detected or blocked malware, or contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for assistance.


If the articles above did not help, refer to Apple SupportGoogle Chrome Help, or Firefox Help to search for your inquiry.


Additional information

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