Anti-Malware Mobile web protection limitations

Anti-Malware Mobile does not support web protection which means that it will not block pop-ups you get or prevent redirects when browsing the web. A work around is to clear the App data for your browser. Below you will find instructions on how to clear your browser’s app data.


Here is a workaround for removing pop-ups or site redirects.

  1. Close the web browser and start over or tap the back button on your Home screen.
  2. You may want to clear the web browser app data as well.
  3. To do that, go to the Android Settings > General > Apps.
  4. Locate the name of the web browser from the list and tap to open its settings.
  5. You should see a Clear Data button on the following App info screen. If you do not, tap on the STORAGE option where you should find it.
  6. Tap the Clear Data button.
  7. Close settings.

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