Positive Technologies released a new report, Bank Attacks 2018, detailing that banks have built up formidable barriers to prevent external attacks, yet fall short in defending against internal attackers.

Officials in Dubuque, Iowa, are considering linking security camera networks owned by the city of Dubuque, Dubuque County and Dubuque Community Schools with the goal of helping first responders during Read more…

Surveillance cameras installed in the front of the classroom would record students’ attentiveness and facial expressions. Behaviors are analyzed in six categories: reading, writing, listening, standing, hand-raising and napping.

how do enterprise security professionals ensure that if the worst should happen, they can sustain their operations indefinitely to ensure the safety of those they are called to protect?

Want to reduce your camera count without sacrificing coverage? High-megapixel or HD surveillance cameras are the way to go.

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